Fighting For A Voice

Where To Find Help

** NEVER put yourself in danger, if you are still in an abusive relationship, seek help. You can find local Victim Agencies to assist you with SAFELY leaving the abusive situation that you are in. Please remember, it is not your fault and you are not alone.

Please remember your safety, family, friends and children's safety is of utmost importance. It is extremely important to have a safety plan together before the "abuser knows" that the relationship may be ending. 73% of violent crimes happen after the separation from your abuser.

Rape Crisis of the Southern Tier

NYS State Police

Elmira City Police

West Elmira Police

Elmira Heights Police Department

Horseheads Village Police

Other listings in Southern Tier New York and Northern Tier Pennsylvania will be available soon as possible. 

Petition for Twin Tier Legislators to review for:
Early Intervention and Coordinated Responses. With the goal that NO “victim” of Domestic Crime goes unheard, again.

sunset recognized the need for changes in current law/judicial enforcement policies. We are here to help give you a voice, regardless of age,sex, race, color, national origin, sexual orientation, religion, disability, or martial status.