Fighting For A Voice

Immediate Changes Can Be Made

*** Always call 911, instead of the non emergency number. This will allow a recording of your call and complaint. This could be useful to the victim or law enforcement agencies in complying information and to show patterns. Also, if paper work is not filed correctly or at all, there is always a record that a call was made.

Domestic Violence is no longer a private matter, it affects all of us. It may be we are the victim, know a victim; our child goes to school with a victim. The continued expenses our county pays for courts, judges, lawyers, probation, welfare and law enforcement.

Community Accountability Wheel - 87kb

It is time that we do not look the other way:

What you can do as a community:

  • Call the police if you hear or see evidence of domestic violence
  • Speak out publicly against domestic violence
  • Talk to your family
  • Encourage your neighborhood watch or block association to include domestic violence as they would, theft, burglary and other crimes
  • Reach out to support someone you think may be experiencing abuse
  • Help others to become informed, by inviting guest speakers to your church, professional organization, civic group, workplace and schools
  • Support local domestic violence, victim service agencies and shelters
  • Share your stories, if you are a survivor, write your city, county and state legislature/congressperson
  • Expand education and awareness efforts to encourage positive attitudes towards nonviolence and encourage victims to report family offenses
  • Support new training programs for city, county, and state elected representatives, along with school staff, law enforcement, judges, attorney’s, health providers
  • Work on healthy communication in your own home and how to handle emotions in an appropriate manner
  • If you are in a abusive situation seek help, as soon as possible

Petition for Twin Tier Legislators to review for:
Early Intervention and Coordinated Responses. With the goal that NO “victim” of Domestic Crime goes unheard, again.

sunset recognized the need for changes in current law/judicial enforcement policies. We are here to help give you a voice, regardless of age,sex, race, color, national origin, sexual orientation, religion, disability, or martial status.