Fighting For A Voice

Safety Plan

Personalized Safety Plan

Although you do not have control over what your partner does and can not always predict a rise in violence, you do have choices how to respond.

When you are in a crisis, you may need to do many of the things below:


When you decide that it is time to leave your situation, prepare by practicing getting yourself and your children out safely. Look around and identify a number of ways to get out of your home... doors, windows, elevators, stairwells, fire escapes....

Keep some money and a spare set of car keys somewhere safe, and have easy access to them if you need to leave in an emergency.  

Petition for Twin Tier Legislators to review for:
Early Intervention and Coordinated Responses. With the goal that NO “victim” of Domestic Crime goes unheard, again.

sunset recognized the need for changes in current law/judicial enforcement policies. We are here to help give you a voice, regardless of age,sex, race, color, national origin, sexual orientation, religion, disability, or martial status.