Fighting For A Voice

No Victim Will Go Unheard, Again!

Survivor of Domestic Abuse, Victim of the system set in place to protect.

Domestic crimes affect all of us; our friends, families, schools, work places, the medical community and the criminal justice system. We all have to play our role in ending “DOMESTIC CRIMES”; including more support from local, state and federal programs. There is a need for additional training for law enforcement agencies to understand the dynamics of domestic abuse.

Early Intervention and coordinated response to domestic crimes is necessary to protect victims and their families. Preventing the escalation of further patterns of abuse, will reduce the rate of domestic crimes, felonies and the intensity of abuse the victim receives. Affirmative actions by the Police, District Attorney's Offices, probation offices and Judges will send a message to the alleged abuser; that there is “ZERO TOLERANCE” to abuse. It is time to make the Abuser responsible for his/her own actions.

Having the ability to step up and have your voice heard, validating the seriousness of the abuse is a major part of the healing process. I am asking that you use this opportunity to give you a voice and sign the petition. I will be presenting the petition to the local and state Legislatures at the end of September. I also want the school to see the response, to hopefully encourage the districts to consider participation in immediate changes. If you would like to share any comments, thoughts or stories, please send them to:

Thank you,
Michelle Erhard - 04/28/2007

You may add your personal information to the petition and please check any box that applies to you; this will be used for statistical purposes. If you would like your information confidential and not posted online, please check the private box. However, all information will be able to be viewed by the administrator of I will be using all information received in my request for a unified court system, but I will black out any information you requested to keep private. Please forward this to anyone you know in Chemung county and start to help make a difference.

Petition for Twin Tier Legislators to review for:
Early Intervention and Coordinated Responses. With the goal that NO “victim” of Domestic Crime goes unheard, again.

sunset recognized the need for changes in current law/judicial enforcement policies. We are here to help give you a voice, regardless of age,sex, race, color, national origin, sexual orientation, religion, disability, or martial status.